Full Back & Shoulder wax


Full back & shoulder wax from T-shirt collar line down to speedo line.

Upper Back & Shoulder wax


Upper half of back & shoulders up to T-shirt/collar line.

Neck wax


Up to hair line, down to shoulders.

Lower Back wax


Lower half of back down to speedo line.

Abdomen & Chest wax


Abdomen from top of speedo line and chest up to collarbone.

Abdomen wax


Stomach from top of speedo line up to pecs.

Upper Body wax


Abdomen, chest, full back, shoulders down to speedo line and neck.

Underarm wax



full arm wax


Speedo Wax is a basic tidy up of the front area outside of the truck line.

Half Arm wax


Wrist to elbow, including hands & fingers.

Full Leg wax


Ankle to thigh crease, including feet & toes.

Half Leg wax


Ankle to just above the knees. Including feet & toes.

Hands & Fingers wax


Hands and fingers to wrist.

Male Full Body wax


Full legs, feet, full arms, underarms, upper body (chest, abdomen, back & neck) and Boyzilian or male Hollywood.
Basically, all hair removed from the neck downwards!