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  • Why Wax?
    1 - SKIN HEALTH Not only does waxing remove hair, it’s an exfoliation that removes dead surface skin cells, which means you’re receiving hair removal and skincare all in one. 2 - SMOOTHER SKIN Because you are removing hair from the root and exfoliating the skin, after a wax, you’ll probably find that your skin is now the smoothest you’ve ever felt it. 3- LONGER-LASTING RESULTS Since your hair is being removed by the root, it will take much longer to grow back than with shaving. 4 - THINNER AND FINER HAIR When your hair does grow back after waxing, it will grow back weaker, making it finer, softer and sparser. 5 - MINIMAL IRRITATION Many people find hair removal methods like epilation and hair removal creams irritating to the skin. However, waxing rarely causes this problem if it’s done by a professional. 6 - CONSISTENCY PAYS OFF Once your first wax is out of the way, you’ll find out that every appointment gets easier and easier. In order to keep your skin soft and smooth and your next wax as painless as possible, I recommend waxing year-round.
  • How should I prepare for my appointment?
    Firstly, relax. It isn't as bad as you imagine and the results of having silky smooth skin outway any discomfort. The first time is always going to be the most daunting and your second appointment will be a breeze! Allow 2-3 weeks of hair growth before your waxing appointment. Lightly exfoliate and use an oil free moisturiser running up to your appointment. Stay hydrated. Try to have a bath on the day of your appointment and drink plenty of water. Hydrated skin will help to remove the hair. If you're sensitive to pain, take an ibuprofen one hour before your appointment. Lastly, wear loose and comfortable clothing to your appointment.
  • Is there anything I should avoid prior to my appointment?
    Alcohol, caffeine and prolonged exposure to heat (direct sunlight, tanning beds, sauna etc) Why? the above can make your skin move sensitive and/or cause redness and inflammation and in the worst case cause your skin to lift. So please avoid!
  • What if I get my period?
    It's not advisable to book an appointment around your period as skin is more sensitive. Please do not worry if you get your period, it's nothing to be embarrassed about. Just let me know at the start of your appointment and I can work around it. If you decide to wax during your menstrual cycle, I ask clients to come prepared with a fresh tampon for your appointment.
  • How often should I wax?
    It all depends on your hair growth but as a general guide I would recommend: Body and intimate waxing every 3-4 weeks and underarm and face every 2-3 weeks
  • How long should the hair be?
    1mm or the size of a grain of rice. I use Lycon Precision Waxing products for all treatments. Lycon is the world leader in waxing technologies and their wax really remove hair as short as 1mm!
  • When should I arrange a waxing appointment if I'm going on holiday?
    You should ideally arrange your waxing appointment 2-3 days prior to your holiday. This will allow your pores to close before exposure to water, sun and skincare products.
  • When shouldn't I Get Waxed?
    If you are taking Roaccutane (Acne Medication) now or within the last 6 months. If you have an active Herpes outbreak. If the area to be treated is sunburned. If you have had a chemical peel over the treatment area within the past 7 days. If you have used any type of Retinol within the past 36 hours over the treatment area *Any area of the skin showing signs of trauma, varicose veins, open or active acne lesions, eczema, psoriasis or any type of dermatitis will not be waxed.
  • What wax do you use?
    I use different types of Lycon wax depending on the treatment and formulas specifically designed for intimate waxing, male waxing, stubborn hair growth and Vegan friendly. Most treatments require hot wax. Hot wax is perfect for use on people who have sensitive skin as the wax shrink wraps each hair and the pre wax oil stops the wax from attaching to the skin. Larger area treatments such as legs and back require strip wax. Strip wax is applied to the skin and paper is pressed over the top and removed taking the wax and hair with it.
  • Is waxing hygienic?
    Absolutely! I always wear disposable gloves and never double dip. All salon areas and waxing accessories are disinfected so there is no risk of contamination.
  • Is waxing painful?
    The short answer is NO. Lycon waxes are a low temperature formula and they shrink-wrap and remove hair as short as 1mm, they are very pliable and virtually pain free. If you are getting waxed for the first time you may experience slight discomfort. Especially if you have been a shaver or use hair removal cream as your hair will be at its thickest however this will reduce with each waxing treatment as the hair softens and thins. If you keep up with regular appointments it only gets easier. If you have had a stressful day, aren't feeling 100% or are close to your period then waxing can be a little more uncomfortable but never painful. If you have a question that hasn't been answered above please contact me
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